Feng Shui Consultant Services

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Exotic Shui Consultant Services offers Consultation services in changing your home office, office, home or any room  into a

Feng Shui environment. 

We are now offering 2 hours of consultation for $30.00.  Every additional hour will be $25.00.

If you decide to utilize our package we will deduct the $30.00 from the consultation fee.

If you're interested in changing any area within your home or office, please click on Feng Shui Consult on the Lotions and More page to purchase.

For additional Information please email us at exoticshui@yahoo.com.  Someone will contact you within the same business day.

Did you know?

Feng Shui was created over 3000 thousand years ago in China.  The infrastructure in China is based on the Feng Shui principles.  Feng Shui is the balance of your environment affected by Chi (energy) by utilizing the 5 elements; water, wood, fire, metal and earth. This entire process began by clearing the clutter.  Author Jeanette Michelle is now a Feng Shui Consultant/practitioner that is now utilizing her knowledge of Feng Shui by helping others.

Refer a friend and receive 15% off your purchase of $25.00 or more.

Feng Shui is not a religion,

but a way of life.  

A clutter free home is a happy home!

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